Our wedding recorded on Skype.


Some pictures of our wedding ceremony

The Candles

Lighting the Candles

Lighting the two candles from the single candle.

Rosalyne playing wedding music

Rosalyne playing wedding music.

Signing the Register

Carolyn and Craig signing the register with the Minister looking on.

Photo Bombing

Rosalyne and Joost, the Best Woman and Best Man signing the register with Carolyn photo bombing the image.


The newly married couple looking at Skype.


Some of our Wedding Guests

The Family

Rosalyne and Joost, Craig and Carolyn, Joyce and Cho.

The Rowes

Mrs. Foltz, Mr. Smith

Three Ladies

Mrs. Lewis. Joyce Cho, Mrs. Foltz

Mrs. Lewis, Mrs. Noel, Mrs. Foltz

Mrs. Lewis, Mrs. Noel, Mrs. Foltz with Skype!

Mrs. Lambiese

Mrs.Foltz, Mrs. Noel